Ryan Smith is the writer/director of 2012's “After” and a partner in TN-based Quite Quick Productions, which is currently in post-production on the indie comedy "Rounding Third," starring John C. McGinley and Garret Dillahunt.

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Smith found himself enamored with storytelling at an early age. His dream of becoming a Disney animator led to a growing interest in live-action filmmaking. While still in high school, Smith formed his own production company and began producing videos for the local music community. In the years following, he directed several music videos and short films, including the short “Devil’s Shoestring,” which played at various festivals worldwide.

In 2009, Smith embarked on what would become a four year journey to make his feature film debut “After,” starring Steven Strait and Karolina Wydra. A fantasy thriller set in a mysteriously vacant small town, the film was made with limited resources, but quickly garnered attention for its slick execution and impressive visual effects.

There are several nifty sights in ‘After’ that any $100 million Hollywood product would be happy to have...Ryan Smith is truly a director to keep an eye on.
— Eric Walkuski, Arrow in the Head

Smith has a slate of projects in development, including “Inheritance," a horror spec developed with Chad and Carey Hayes ("The Conjuring") and a TV mini-series created with New York Times bestselling author Robert Hicks.