Apps That Keep Me in Business


Aside from social media/email, there are several apps I use on a daily (or almost daily) basis for my work:


For miscellaneous writing, I use Ulysses, Microsoft OneNote, or Pages.

For screenwriting, I tend to start projects in Fountain format (I use Highland and/or Slugline) and eventually move over to Fade In.

Occasionally, I'll use Scrivener for its note card feature.

When I'm read to read a draft, I either print out a hard copy or use Weekend Read on my iPad.


I use a simple Numbers document for assembling Shot Lists.

For look books or general visual reference, I use Pixave to catalogue the images and Keynote to present them.

For storyboarding, I use ProCreate on the iPad with templates like these.


I don't really use any apps on set. Just a hard copy of my shot list and a good gel pen to mark off completed shots.


I was a Final Cut user for several years and, like many, found the jump to FCPX difficult, so I've been editing on Adobe Premiere since then.

I'm not a graphic designer or an animator, but I do use Photoshop and After Effects quite often.

There are a lot of great color-grading plugins for Premiere (including Red Giant's Magic Bullet suite) but I prefer the flexibility and control that DaVinci Resolve gives me.

When I need to post a cut online for client approval or feedback from friends, I use either a password-protected Vimeo link or

Also--I would be lost without LogMeIn, which allows me to access my main edit machine on the go.

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